Toast – 9/1/13


5222 SE 52nd Ave
Portland, 97206

IMG_5950 IMG_5957 IMG_5958

Your neighborhood restaurant

Tucked way the hell back off of Powell is a small neighborhood restaurant with a ton of interior seating, this was todays destination after consulting the oracle app of restaurant recommendations named “Ness”. We picked up our friend Shelly who lives nearby and wandered over off the beaten path to find the little neighborhood eatery known simply as “Toast”. Walking in we saw a “L” shaped breakfast bar with baked goods surrounding the main grill that was surrounded by at least 5 cooks and 3 or 4 servers hurriedly serving up fare. We requested outside seating a a few minutes later we were seated street side under a green Bud Light umbrella, I mention the color because all our breakfasts looked “Seuss Like” under the coloration. I was really in the mood for Oatmeal which is kind of a bad way to judge a restaurant since there isn’t much unique about a bowl of boiled oats but since Carly & Shelly were with I figured I could steal some of their more exciting selections. They ended up both choosing the same breakfast sandwich which was super tasty and yes I did like my oatmeal and yes I did get rye toast that was decent but not nearly as satisfying as the girls selections. All in all a tasty brunch but I have to avoid getting plain old oatmeal when trying to actually judge a restaurant on it’s food.


 IMG_5946 IMG_5947 IMG_5949 IMG_5951 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5955 IMG_5956 IMG_5959 IMG_5960

Didn’t really see our waitress often but didn’t really need to.
3 stars

Somewhat typical neighborhood cafe with outside picnic benches and art on the walls inside.
3 stars

Good selection with clever creative names that have nothing to do with the meal (how very Portland)
3 stars


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