Tasty & Sons – 2/3/13

3.5 stars

Tasty & Sons
3808 N. Williams, Suite C,
Portland, OR 97212

Polenta & Ragu Biscuit & Berries Pork Loin, Wilted Spinach and Egg


Surprisingly worth the wait…

So Tasty & Sons was our destination for Sunday morning and after our last trip to Mississippi Ave. the previous weekend it was an easy enough drive to get to Williams street. Church was just letting out in the neighborhood so parking wasn’t tough and upon walking into the restaurant and up the giant flight of stairs it almost looked like little to no wait but then the hostess took my name and phone number followed by an estimation of a 60 minute wait. I was glad we hadn’t hung around any longer before leaving the house because my stomach had already begun to rumble but I did regret not having a few cups of coffee to tide me over. Williams street is lined with many shops and restaurants most of which were preparing for the Super Bowl and one of which was hauling out giant steaming baths of boiling water along with ears of corn & potatoes for what looked to be a southern style crawfish boil. We wandered in and out of 2 or 3 shops then took a lap around the block to oogle at the miss-mash of homes in the neighborhood and hunt for a coffee shop with no success. About 40 minutes had passed when we found ourselves back at the top of the flight of stairs inside “Tasty” people watching and making up their back stories which helped pass the time more quickly and we were soon seated at the bar in the front half of the restaurant.

I had been watching the female bartender whip around pouring drinks at a rapid rate and saw many Bloody Mary’s being sent out which made ordering one quickly followed by a second an easy decision. Our selections for brunch had been made moments after sitting down, we decided to order 2 large & 1 small plate since sharing is encouraged and it took no more than 10 minutes for the Pork loin with spinach & a fried egg to arrive followed quickly by a trio of tiny biscuits with berries and cream and finally the polenta with ragu topped with mozzarella & a fried egg. Each item was a tasty treat upon itself but the ragu with polenta was an outrageously flavorful dish that was served with a spoon almost like a stew. Carly stuck pretty much to the pork loin and biscuits but did try some of the ragu before I forked into the fried egg and spoiled it for her. The opening pair of bloody mary’s had begun to take hold as we finished the last bites of our meal and I found myself wanting for a piece of rye or sourdough bread to scrape out the last few bits in the bottom of the bowl. All in all a wonderful meal even taking into consideration the rather long wait.


IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4342

A beehive of activity, you may not know the servers names but that’s because they are flying around so quickly and there is little wait for your meal.
3.5 stars

Large, open, well lit space with hip music an elevated street view and a cool open kitchen.
3.5 stars

Huge variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar foods all mashed together and served “sharing style”
4 stars


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