Sweedeedee – 8/11/13


5202 North Albina Avenue.
Portland, 97217

IMG_5811 IMG_5812 IMG_5814 IMG_5815

Almost worth the wait…

We let our friend Lindsey who was visiting from Saint Charles Illinois pick our brunch destination this weekend and she initially called out a few we had already visited but ultimately ended up with Sweedeedee one I’d not even seen show up in past searches. We headed out and found the location without too much difficulty and even parked curbside but when we walked in the door we were greeted with a little bit of confusion as we tried to sit down or find a hostess. Apparently you stand in line and place your order and then hope that a seat opens up before your order is complete which can cause a little anxiety until you realize just how long every single meal seems to take to make in which case you’ve been seated and waiting for awhile as it is. This was the case with the 3 of us, we scanned the menu and picked our selections and patiently lingered until we were directed to a ridiculously small table that would barely fit two yet somehow the 3 of us crowded around. We watched a plethora of hipsters walk by the front door each one dressed up in crazier and crazier outfits and for awhile I thought there was some sort of event justifying the garb since it seemed cookyier than usual. It took quite awhile for our orders to arrive and although I did not time it It was easily more than 20 minutes and while there was a steady stream of traffic I cant help but imagine that their weird seating process meant they slowed down the kitchen to accommodate all those that wanted to sit at a table. Eventually 2 of our meals arrived (mine without the bacon I ordered) and I figured Lindsey’s would be carried out shortly after but another 2 minutes passed as we waited attempted to wait patiently. Again when Lindsey’s meal arrived it was missing one of the corn-cakes of her two corn cake meal but I did at least get my bacon. The meals were enjoyable and mine which did not seem all that special of a combination Bacon+Beans+Eggs & Toast was actually a really tasty assemblage. I was left a bit grumpy just by how long the orders took to arrive and had we not paid in advance I probably would have been a bit stingier on the tip or made mention to a server but since you pre pay using an iPad and “Square” I wouldn’t recommend going above and beyond the 15% tip. A good meal but frustrating seating arraignment and really slow service made it a decent but not great visit.


 IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5809 IMG_5810 IMG_5816

It took a really, really long time for our meals and they came out incomplete
3 stars

It’s a little closet of a place with tiny tables and a line that snakes through the middle.
3 stars

Great flavors and nice pairings of sweet & savory.
4 stars


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