Biscuits Cafe – 7/05/13


Biscuits Cafe
16755 SW Baseline
Beaverton, 97006

IMG_5229 IMG_5228 IMG_5227 IMG_5226 IMG_5225


Fluffy Biscuits just down the street…

Our friends Will & Rhonda had just arrived the previous evening from Phoenix and we had a full few days planned so hitting up breakfast nearby was ideal so that we could proceed on with the list of activities. We’ve been here many times over the last few years and always been very satisfied with the meals so I expected to have a great repeat visit. There were only a few people waiting ahead of us so we were seated pretty quickly outside on the patio but it must have been before a few of the servers arrived because it was close to 10 minutes before anyone arrived to even bring us water but after that the service was brisk and attentive. I told our friends that their biscuits really are excellent so anything they picked involving them would not be a disappointment while I decided to see what the server recommended. He brought me an omelette of sorts on top of a bed of chorizo sausage with avocado along with potatoes and a biscuit, quite a large meal but certainly a delicious and satisfying one. There wasn’t much said over the next 10 minutes while everyone enjoyed their breakfasts and we decided afterwards that a hike around forest park would help aid in the digestion of the delicious but very lunch brunch we just finished.


 IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5230

A little slow on the service when we were sat outside on the patio but his breakfast recommendation was awesome.
3 stars

They divided the room in thirds inside with half walls where as before it was a large open space, still nothing all that exciting.
3 stars

Never been disappointed with the selections here and their biscuits really are amongst the best I’ve had.
4-5 stars


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