Cheryl’s on 12th – 3/3/13


Cheryl’s on 12th
1135 Sw Washington St
Portland, 97205

Cheesy hash browns Green Omlete Portuguese Fried Rice biscotti beignet

Glass walled corner market, dessert bar, cafe, wine bar…

Chery’s has everything- you want fresh baked desserts? how bout hot soup? selection of wines? We chose randomly this trip and landed at a great corner eatery named Cherly’s. The interior was bright, the seating was nice and open and two whole walls are glass giving you plenty to ogle at while you chow. Before we even put in a drink order two little fluffy sugar coated doughnuts showed up in the middle of our table. I requested a piece of biscotti to go with my coffee which temporarily caused some confusion since our waitress wasn’t aware of what that was. We polished off our sweet per-meal snacks and sipped our coffee and tea while rubber necking around the wide open space. About 13 minutes passed before our brunch arrived, I selected the Portuguese fried rice based off the waitress’s recommendation and its position as number one under specialties and Carly got a more traditional Green omelette stuffed with broccoli, hers came with rather underwhelming rosemary potatoes and I added an order of cheeses hash browns. This might be one of the top 3 breakfasts meals I’ve had but I’m also very fond of rice & sausage dishes. I started sparingly with the hot sauce but upped the ante as the sweet spice was an excellent compliment to the sausage and “brownish” rice. I figured the avocado on top was more for color but it was a wonderful flavor pop and I found myself wishing there were a couple more wedges. I liked the baked cheesy hash browns as well but I found there really can be too much cheese in a dish and wished they were a more traditional naked and crispy spud dish. A lovely meal was had and considering how many items we ordered our bill was a pittance. Walking out the door we noticed a restaurant right across the street with a pig theme named Lardo that we plan to visit very soon possibly even next weekend.


IMG_4455 IMG_4456 IMG_4458 IMG_4459 IMG_4464 IMG_4467

Quick and super friendly although the girl did not know what biscotti was when I first asked.
3 stars

Lots and lots of light since two of the walls are on streets and completely glass, high ceilings and not too crammed with furniture.
4 stars

One of the best selections for me to date, I love sausage in a breakfast and the fried rice was perfect with the avocado on top.
4-5 stars


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