Cadillac Cafe – 6/23/13


Cadillac Cafe
1801 NE Broadway St.
Portland, 97232

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Gets your motor running…

On a rainy Sunday morning we had two friends Karen & Jeff join us from down the street to venture into the downtown wilds of Portland for a bite to eat. We’d given them the list of places we’d visited and asked them to pick out where we should all go next. Karen asked if we had ever been to Cadillac Cafe and although I had it was close to 4 years ago so I was more than willing for a revisit. We rolled up with very little traffic and found a spot around the corner without issue and upon walking in we’re were immediately seated despite how busy the place appeared to be. While we sat and looked the menu over I rubber necked around to see just how far the Caddy theme carried through the interior and my eyes settled on the classic vehicle behind a plexiglass wall in back, aside from that it was mainly simple logo decorations over the bar to our right side. I thumbed through the menu and found a couple items that sounded good but I decided once again to let the server bring me whatever he thought would be a good selection. We all picked a drink to start with and I requested a latte, our waiter chose a sampler breakfast for me that came with sausage, eggs, potatoes and a slice of French Toast so that I could try a variety of flavors. Carly selected an egg scramble with mushrooms, potatoes & an English muffin while Jeff picked French toast and Karen the same as Carly. I rarely pick French Toast usually because of how sweet it is but the nutty coating that came with mine helped to offset the sweetness and I didn’t even both with any syrup. The eggs were poached perfectly and the tiny potatoes and chicken sausage were super delicious as well. Karen, Jeff & Carly all seemed equally please with their meals and very few morsels remained when the dust settled.



Even with them being fairly busy we were still seated immediately
3.5 stars

They don’t overdo the retro caddy theme and aside from a classic car in the back the walls only contain a few logo marked items
3.5 stars

Many classic items but they also offer catfish & salmon as daily specials
3.5 stars


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