Honey Toast Cafe – 4/27/13


Honey Toast Cafe
12520 SW Farmington Road
Beaverton, 97005

 IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4731

Honey Toast Hangover…

We’d driven by The Honey Toast Cafe many times over the last few months and figured at some point we’d be too sleepy to go to the other side of town and opt for something in our neighborhood and today was that day. We were both hungry around 9:30 am but the cafe doesn’t open until 11 so we had to linger at home until it got a little later in the day, upon arriving it was apparent that there was a line of people waiting to get in as soon as they opened because every available seat in the rather small establishment was filled and we had to wait about 8 minutes for someone to finish and leave. The cafe is inside a converted bank and has giant 2 story arched windows along one side and a second level that looks like it’s used for evening entertaining. We sat along the front at a tall table and waited scanned the menu while waiting for the waitress to come for our order. At first glance it doesn’t look like a large selection since 1/4 of the double sided menu is devoted to the restaurants namesake “Honey Toast” but there is actually quite a bit too choose from when you include the appetizer section and even though there was no daily special present they did have a lunch special which included a half panini with a salad and an app of your choice along with coffee or tea all for $6.95! We had already decided we would be ordering one of the original giant honey toasts so it seemed like the lunch special would be the smartest option to keep from having much in the way of left overs. Carly selected the Roma Panini with sweet potato fries and tea and I chose the Roast Beef with salt & pepper fries (since they happened to be out of Honey Ham) as well as a large Latte.

The panini’s arrived after just a few minutes and I was glad we had selected half sandwiches because of how large they were. The dressing on the salad was good and a nice compliment to the salty fries even through they were just average. Carly’s sweet potato fries were very decent and managed to be quite crispy which is always difficult with a yam. The meals were served with a trio of sauces and a mix of salt and pepper to dip in. We were both quite satisfied with our meals and had almost forgotten about ordering the restaurants namesake until the waitress brought out the giant mound of toast and ice cream. We chose “The Original” since it was our first go around but they had about 5 different flavor and fruit topping options for us to try on any return trips. In the end is really is a big hollowed out block of toasted bread with two lumps of ice cream and honey drizzled on top. While tasty I immediately wished we had some raspberries or other fruit compote to go with it since honey and vanilla ice cream only goes so far.


 IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4725 IMG_4726 IMG_4730

Food arrived very quickly and the waitress was attentive
3.5 stars

Cool paint job, modern lighting, and giant windows but not a-lot of seating
3-5 stars

Excellent paninis and lunch specials but the regular fries are only so/so
3-5 stars


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