Mireillas Bistro – 6/30/13


Mireillas Bistro
16755 SW Baseline #110
Beaverton, 97006

IMG_5202 IMG_5203 IMG_5204

Backyard Bistro

A few times this year as we drove down Baseline (which is just over a mile from our home) we would cruise by Mireilla’s and always say to each other “we gotta remember to go there” well since we spend Saturday at the beach seeing the whole family we decided sticking close to home and finally going to the Bistro would be our plan. If it hadn’t been closing in on 90 degrees we probably would have walked there but it was still a convenience and we might stroll over for their ample happy hour at some point soon. Upon arriving we saw a few people seated int he patio area having breakfast and I figured it was open seating but wanted to at least make contact with a host inside and grab a menu but when we walked in the host was standing with his back to us and busy with something else, I figured it would take a second or two for him to address and greet us but instead after 10 uncomfortable seconds of being ignored I asked if we could sit where ever we liked, he barely turned his body to acknowledge us grunted “yeah anywhere is fine”. Carly nudged me and said “there goes a star” which I found comical in that she’s begun keeping track of our brunch experiences in much the way that I have with mental notes and extra scrutiny.

Anyway we found a seat out on the patio area next to a woman with a book and lop eared Shepard and waited to have some menus delivered (hopefully not by the same guy we just interacted with). Less than a minute later a new less surly individual emerged from the double doors with menus and a smile and I figured one sour puss shouldn’t spoil our outing. He asked what we might like to drink as we scanned the menus, Carly chose a rum-less Mojito and I an iced Latte. The large double sided menu (food one side, drinks the other) had a collection of meals that were Irish and Slavic sounding which I was somewhat surprised to see since I had been thinking it was more a french style bistro. Since the Bistro’s WiFi password was Goulash1 I assumed that might be the item they were most proud of and never having had it before I figured it would be an adventurous selection but when our waiter returned and I asked what a first timer should have he nudged me towards the Croque Madame which is an open faced ham and gruyere sandwich with a fried egg and cup of their tomato basil soup (Croque Monsieur without the egg) which certainly sounded good but without his prodding I doubt I would have selected it first. Carly asked about their French Toast which I knew she was going to be disappointed with since the words Texas Toast came out of his mouth first (she hates fluffy eggy French Toast) instead she got two plates of sides consisting of a biscuit, 3 types of fruit and some strips of bacon.

We sat back sipped our drinks and people watched while we waited for our meals to arrive. The small mall that Mireillas is attached to also houses Biscuits Cafe (another of our favorite local breakfast joints) as well as a few small commercial businesses and is tucked in between come condos and apartment complexes so it receives plenty of foot traffic from the surrounding residents. Our brunch arrived surprisingly fast but considering what Carly’s selections were I imagine mine was the only item that actually had to be cooked or prepared. The size of my meal at first was a bit off-putting seeing as how I’ve become accustomed to chicken fried steaks overlapping a giant plate but I was reassured by my selection with the very first bite.  The sweetness of the gruyere and the buttery flavor of the Béchamel sauce was very complimentary and the addition of the salty ham & fried egg tied it all together very nicely. The tomato basil soup was quite good as well but I prefer more of a creamy soup over the slightly lumpy (more authentic) version which this was. Carly’s meal was somewhat difficult to judge seeing as how the only item that had more than one ingredient was her biscuit which while tasty was not the typical fluffy flakey kind I was expecting and had a denser more crumbly texture. After breakfast we wandered inside to pay our tab and noticed they had a baked good case populated with many colorful desserts and we decided to pick out a few to enjoy later. Although they looked like fluffy french pastries they ended up being more like muffins with sweet cream on top that a cupcake or other “lighter” baked good (it didn’t occur to me to take any photos unfortunately).


 IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5205 IMG_5206

When we first walked in the fellow behind the counter kept his back to us and did not greet until I asked if it was open seating
3 stars

Nice bistro theme and color palette carried throughout the interior and a large patio outside
3.5 stars

A wonderful tasting sampling of breakfast foods and plenty to lust after on the lunch / dinner menu as well
4 stars


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