Cafe Murrayhill – 5/12/13


Cafe Murrayhill
14500 Murray-Scholls Dr, Suite 103
Beaverton, 97007

 French Toast Eggs & Potatoes Latte

Completely average in every way…

We’d forgotten that with Mothers Day on Sunday a normal casual trip to any new brunch location was going to be a challenge so we scrambled down to another local place not far from our base camp in Beaverton. I hadn’t seen anything in particular that led me to believe Cafe Murryhill was going to be anything other than what it was, it had an average rating everywhere I looked so I shouldn’t be all that surprised that it lived up to those reviews. The waitress was polite but seemed completely disinterested in her guests and it seemed to take forever just to get some additional coffee and the ketchup I requested never materialized. This was also the first time I’d ever had poached eggs that ended up being soft boiled with almost now runnyness to them. The bacon was thin and crispy but pretty standard and the biscuit while moist was rather bland as well. I guess without setting a lo-bar we wouldn’t know how well some of our other destinations have exceeded the averageness that is Cafe Murrayhill. If it’s close to you it’s a perfectly fine destination but otherwise I wouldn’t go out of your way.


IMG_4805 IMG_4806

Distracted and disinterested in their customers.
2.5 stars

Positioned on a nice little pond but inside is rather standard.
3 stars

Exactly what you would expect selection wise and a completely average meal.
2.5 stars


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