Verde Cocina – 1/6/13

3 stars

Verde Cocina
6446 SW Capitol Hwy.,
Portland 97239

Quesadilla Chorizo Hash

Out of the way Mexican oasis

We had a late Saturday night out at a Jazz bar in Portland so “brunch” didn’t occur until we’ll after lunch time. We were wandering aimlessly checking with Siri every mile for new Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch places until Carly shouted out Sasquatch! but since we were headed towards the Pearl district we ended up doubling back to Hillsdale where the Sasquatch Bar & Grill was. As we were parking Carly spotted the sign in the window for Verde Cocina and since it had not shown up in the Siri results for one reason or another we decided it would be worth checkin out saving the “Squatch” for a future visit. Upon walking in we thought perhaps we had misread the sign since there was only a bar with a kitchen but quickly realized the entire upstairs was the dining room. Despite our later than average brunch time it was pretty busy and our waitress had to make the rounds before arriving at our table. I’d planned on the good ol’ steak & eggs but the waitress suggested the chorizo hash with beans while Carly chose the quesadilla off the back of the menu. Our meals arrived in an average time and appeared super colorful with a few out of the ordinary vegetables like sweet potatoes. Carly was thrilled with her selection while I felt a little underwhelmed by the lack of spicy ness in my hash and a poached egg or two would have added greatly but it was still enjoyable, perhaps not quite as much as the steak would have been but that will be saved for a return visit.


I had to wait awhile to get my coffee refilled even though we were at the tail end of the brunch traffic but to be honest a whirlwind family with 2 horrible children had just left.
3 stars

Theres not much on the walls upstairs but it is a quaint little space that looks out into the woods.
3 stars

I chose the daily special instead of the steak & eggs I saw on the menu which I think would have been more satisfying.
3 stars


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