Watson Hall – 1/12/13


Watson Hall
12655 SW 1st Street
Beaverton, 97005

IMG_6694 IMG_6695 IMG_6701

Brunch in our Beavertown

One of our favorite dinner spots Decarli recently opened a new bar (on 1/7/14) around the corner from their main location and when I saw they would be offering a Sunday brunch plus this Sunday would be their first seating I figured we should get in before the hordes find out. Apparently the space they took over had been home to a few failed neighborhood dives over the years that I vaguely remember walking past. Upon entering the first thing I noticed were the crazy huge chandeliers that hung overhead just in front of a cool “penny top” bar that was against a wall that split the space roughly in half. They also had a shuffleboard table to the right side of the restaurant and a nice open view to the kitchen in back. A large button cushioned wall with tables in front of it lined the first 30 feet of the left side of the room and we took a seat at the last table next to some “high-tops”. We were immediately greeted by what I assumed to be our waitress but more likely was be part of the management team since she rushed off to get me a coffee and tagged in “Miami” who came over to ask if we would also like something to drink. I rarely have alcohol in the morning but it had been awhile since I enjoyed a Bloody Mary so I requested that to go with my coffee and Carly asked for a Mimosa.

The brunch menu was simple with exactly 13 items listed 12 of which I would happily enjoy for a meal (not a fan of oysters). Carly zeroed in on the Chicken and Biscuits with gravy which likely would have been my choice but I didn’t want to double up on our selections when there were many other delicious choices. I asked Miami what we should get and he pretty quickly pointed out the Benedict under the oyster option as a personal favorite. I rarely deviate from an enthusiastic suggestion like that so I figured now would not be the time to start and went with his choice. The first item to arrive was the pear fritters and after my first bite I was tempted to put in an order for a second round considering how ridiculously good they were but after another 4 bites the sweetness began to build and I opted for a single basket only this time. I was already feeling pretty full from both my bloody mary and the fritters when my Benedict arrived but it seemed like I might still be able to put it away considering it was just a couple eggs with toast but that changed after just a couple bites when I picked up on the hidden avocado and richness of the cream sauce. The potatoes were so perfect that i didn’t even need any ketchup as they were perfectly crispy and bite sized. I did try a little of Carly’s Chicken and biscuits and while tasty they didn’t beat out my selection for breakfast. Big thumbs up and I cannot wait until we get to stop back for happy hour or another brunch visit.


 IMG_6685 IMG_6689 IMG_6691 IMG_6693 IMG_6697IMG_6700 IMG_6699

Miami was an excellent waiter and very attentive.
4 stars

Cool darker interior but with one whole wall of windows it doesn’t feel like a dungeon
4 stars

Simple menu with delicious selections and the pear fritters are phenominal!
4 stars


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