Golden Valley Brewery – 3/17/13


Golden Valley Brewery
1520 NW Bethany Blvd.
Beaverton, 97006

IMG_4525 IMG_4526

Brewery brunch in our backyard…

We had been out at a an event for some friends the previous night and neither of us felt like treading outside our village for brunch this morning so we opted to visit a local brewery that just began serving brunch last month. Golden Valley opened in our area early last year in place of a long vacant Chili’s restaurant and we had visited for both lunch and dinner a few times but having been there for dinner just a few days prior we noted an advertisement showing they had begun brunch service starting at 9am. We ambled in around 10-ish and at first were unsure if they were in fact serving since there was only one car in the lot and not much motion inside but the host that greeted us assured us they were seating. We sat in a both halfway between the bar and dining room and were greeted warmly by a very pregnant waitress with a big bright smile. She returned quickly with our coffee & tea and I asked her what she thought I should try for our first brunch visit there. They had a special Saint Patricks day menu and I half hoped she’d suggest the Shepard’s pie but instead she gave me 3 of her favs from the brunch /lunch menu. I elected for the chicken fried steak & potatoes with a biscuit and poached eggs and Carly chose the club & onion rings from the lunch options. The chicken steak was a bit more “traditional” than I would have expected meaning that the breading was thinner and less crispy than a diner style but the flavor was quite good and the steak was tender. The biscuits looked delicious but was a little dry and required some honey to make it a bit more enjoyable. The potatoes were very crispy but didn’t have alot of seasoning so I wasn’t super enamored with them.


IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4527 IMG_4528

Cheerful service even if there were only a handful for brunch.
3 stars

I like the layout for the interior and its got nice wide open spaces with high ceilings and a long bar
3.5 stars

Not the best chicken fried steak i’d had but for such a varied menu I’d happily try a few other options.
3 stars


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