Hall Street Grill – 3/31/13


Hall Street Grill
3775 SW Hall Blvd.
Beaverton, 97005

No photos this week since it was just a buffet
of random selections and not as presentable

Easter brunch in Beaver town

A tradition we have begun to establish for Easter is brunch at a local Beaverton restaurant named Hall Street Grill. We’ve been here many times for lunch as well as dinners which are usually quite good if a little spendy but breakfast or brunch is a once a year event. The location is super convenient as its only a few minutes from our home and nearby everything of interest if your a shopper or just want to walk around downtown Beaverton which isn’t all that large anyway. The restaurant is tucked into a commercial district but has a lovely outside dining area framed by trees, their garden space as well as a protected wetlands. The interior reflects more of a ritzy Steakhouse with dark colored woods and a luscious deep red paint job spotted with large framed retro liquor advertising.
Brunch today was a buffet spread which in years past has always been pretty decent and usually carries all the things you’d expect and this year included 4 different types of scrambled eggs. We decided to bypass the main buffet line initially and headed to the carving station for Prime Rib & Ham which only had a couple people lingering around. The meats were decent and even through I got a Prime rib end that was a little dry the flavor was good. We waited for the lines around the main buffet to dissipate before making an attempt to see what was in store for us. They had 4 different types of scrambled eggs, hazelnut waffles, sausage, bacon, eggs Benedict and a huge assortment of baked goods like biscuits and scones. I piled a small sampling of each and every item onto my plate during two visits just so I could experience everything they were offering and what I found is that a buffet is never as good as a pre fixe menu. While many of the dishes we tasty and they was plenty of food to go around many of the dishes were just too dry or not hot enough to be as enjoyable as any of our other meals. The other turn off is the price of $33 per person for a buffet, I’m not saying this is outrageous just that I have had much better brunches for half that much and I’ve gotten to appreciated quality over quantity. I think next year we will avoid the Easter buffets around town and either go the day before or after to get the meal selection we have become accustomed to since starting this journal.

The waitress was busy buzzing aorund but seeing as it was a buffet all I really needed her for was an occasional coffee refill.
3 stars

A regular stop for us and the interior is warm and inviting with multiple levels and outside seating.
3.5 stars

It was a buffet so there was plenty to go around but unfortunately quantity outstripped quality this time.
2.5 stars


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