Industrial Cafe & Saloon – 2/7/13

3.5 stars

Industrial Cafe & Saloon
2572 NW Vaughn St.
Portland, 97210

Apple Vinaigrette Spinach Salad Salmon Scramble

Gettin gritty, in the city

We went back to spinning the Siri wheel to select our breakfast spot this morning and a spot near the Stepping Stone Cafe that we visited a few weeks prior was selected from the list. Upon arrival your greeted by a cool wrap around bar in the middle of the establishment and raw untreated concrete walls with saw blades and hard hats adorning them. We took one of the two open tables out of the dozen or so available not including the (10 or 12 stools around the bar) and were greeted moments later by one of the three cheerful ladies busily serving guests. She handed us both a breakfast & lunch menu since we were there right at brunch time and gave a few moments to look them over. I found 3 or 4 items I wanted but decided to let the waitress make the decision for me and chose the recommended Salmon Scramble, crisp potatoes with sourdough and a side of cheesy grits while Carly opted for one of her favorite salads of Spinach, walnuts, citrus and an Apple vinaigrette. We rubber necked around the small space for a few minutes oogling at all the gears & hardware bolted to the concrete walls, our meal arrived pretty quickly considering how busy they were and we dug in. My salmon scramble was perfectly fluffy and flavorful and the potatoes were nice and crispy with a good seasoning making them more than ordinary, on the other hand it turns out I’m not really much of a grits fan regardless of how much cheese you put in it. Carly’s salad was large and colorful and not swimming in dressing as often happens when she doesn’t get it served on the side. The meals weren’t massive which I appreciated and I certainly felt full once done especially considering my coffee cup was never empty and I was starting to slosh. We walked around the block for a few minutes after the meal checking out the neighborhood which was an eclectic mix of commercial trendy loft style residential and even some industrial as the name of the restaurant implied.


IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4414 IMG_4416 IMG_4417 IMG_4418 IMG_4419 IMG_4420 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4411

It seemed as thought the entire establishment is run by three young women who buzz around like hummingbirds keeping your coffee always hot & full.
4 stars

600 sq. ft. of cool concrete industrial design reflecting it’s location near the steel works.
3.5 stars

Excellent meals that fill you up with quality rather than quantity, but only the grits if you’re a fan.
3.5 stars


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