Petite Province – 5/19/13


Petite Province
1824 NE Albert St.
Portland, 97211

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Merci beaucoup!

For the first time since we gained access to Siri & GPS on our iPhones I avoided using both and decided to wander until we found a destination. I knew roughly where to look for a brunch destination but wasn’t sure exactly what we would be eating until I saw Carly rubberneck at cafe off Alberta. We found parking on a side street relatively close by and strolled over to get our name on the list. The hostess gave us a wait time of about 15 minutes but we sat down in less than 10 but we still had enough time to ogle the glass cases near the entrance containing a large assortment of sweet baked goods. The menu contained at least 6 different options I wanted to order but I ended up letting the waiter who served us make a suggestion & selection of risotto cakes & eggs with grilled root vegetables. Carly selected the quiche & potato salad and we shared a fresh baked croissant to start as well. The color scheme inside the restaurant was quite nice with deep blue & golden accents and all the tables were stamped with branding really giving it what I imagine to be an authentic street side French cafe feel. There was a constant stream of patrons flowing in and out the whole time we were there and our meal still managed to arrive about 5 minutes after we finished our croissant. The risotto cakes mixed with my poached eggs were fantastic and the potatoes weren’t over seasoned and complimented the dish well but I wasn’t as fond of the squash that was mixed in with the potatoes. Carly’s quiche was also quite good and had ham and other little bits of tasty veggies within it and her potato salad while decent wasn’t as savory as I normally would like. Before heading out we selected 4 different pastries from the glass case to take home for later and enjoy and I only wished we had snagged a few of the totally flaky & perfect croissants.


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They were busy but not enough to justify the long time in between seeing our server
3 stars

Great blue/gold color scheme inside with lovely design carried over into the menus, chairs, bags etc… and large windows along the front for plenty of light, feels like a real Cafe’
4 stars

Huge selection of delicious sounding dishes it would take at least 8 visits to try the smattering of items that first caught my eye
4 stars


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