Zeus Cafe – 3/9/13


Zeus Cafe
303 S.W. 12th Ave.
Portland, 97205


Hip eclectic downtown spot

We had planned to visit Lardo which was across from Cheryl’s on 12th but upon arriving we saw the chairs overturned and all the lights off with no indication they serve breakfast so we decided to choose a fallback location. We parked on 4th ave just down from Harrison street and set off to find the Volkswaffle mobile breakfast truck. After walking around the block twice we determined they were nowhere to be found so onwards to stop number 3 we went. Lair Hill bistro showed that it was only 1 mile away so we decided to walk over since it would be as fast as driving and trying to repack but upon arrival 13 minutes later we were greeted with a “sorry closed for breakfast” sign. By this time I could see Carly was losing patience and the next stop had better well be open so we piled into the Ford and went back to 12th Ave where we ended up at Zeus Cafe. Walking in we were greeted warmly by two different hosts and shown to a table at the back corner of the triangular shaped building directly under a large window with stained glass in it. There was a little activity in the restaurant but not nearly as much as I would have expected considering it was closing in on 11am.

I eyed the biscuits and gravy since they mentioned “Spicy Chorizo” and I was told a shoot time later by our waitress that they were one of her favorite selections as well. Carly once again opted for the french toast a safe bet considering it seemed spicy was posted next to a few items you wouldn’t expect. The stained glass window we were sitting under was spreading a pretty rainbow of color throughout the interior and the warm sweet latte I had ordered was beginning to lull me towards a coma state when our meals arrived. At first glance my biscuits and gravy looked more like a sloppy joe with the rusty brown sausage gravy and the massive biscuit made the plate almost look small, Carly’s french toast was thick cut and I could smell the vanilla before she even cut into it. Each following bite of the biscuit was more delicious that the previous but the spice began to build up rather quickly and even the poached eggs had difficultly putting out the fire that was beginning to brew in my belly. I would have wished the gravy to be a little thinner as it was lumpy enough to easily be a sloppy joe posing as breakfast but the flavor was top notch.


IMG_4487IMG_4486IMG_4485IMG_4500 IMG_4498 IMG_4497 IMG_4494 IMG_4490 IMG_4489 IMG_4488

They werent all that busy when we were there but it still took awhile for the meal to arrive but the staff is very friendly.
3 stars

Cool eclectic interior on par with other McMenamins
3.5 stars

The chorizo gravy was a delicious twist but the potatoes were rather plain
3.5 stars


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