Gravy – 1/26/13

3 stars

3957 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, 97227

Hash Browns & Corned Beef Hash Challa French Toast Open Faced Monte Cristo Eggs, Hasbrowns & Toast

More like Hipissippi….

Our first trip to the hipster zone known as Mississippi Ave landed us at Gravy. Mark & Ellen were game to join us seeing as how we had arisen before 10am on a Saturday and actually gotten to breakfast during reasonable breakfast hours. There were about 5 teams before us waiting patiently and milling about outside since there is little to no waiting space indoors. While we waited for our dates to arrive we did a few laps up and down the street hunting for a coffee shop finally stopping in at Fresh Pot for a latte & hot chocolate. Seconds after receiving our drinks I noticed Mark & Ellen had arrived and it was only a few minutes later before we were seated at a booth against the left side of the restaurant. There were too many choices to easily settle on one so I decided to leave it to fate and let our host choose what I’d have for breakfast ultimately selecting the Corned Beef Hash with eggs over easy and hashed browns (something I’ve rarely ever ordered). Carly went for the Challah French Toast, Mark the Open Face Monte Cristo & Ellen good ol’ scrambled eggs with browns & toast. The first few bites of my meal were quite good but I quickly regretted pairing two hashes on one plate and should have gotten some fruit or something. It wasn’t until half way through the meal that I realized in a place named “Gravy” none of us got any meals containing the namesake. While I enjoyed my order I was more drawn to the few bites of Carly’s French toast that she couldn’t bring herself to finish and it was one of the few times that I left food on my plate (my father would be so disappointed). Mark is still complaining of overstuffing himself days later.


IMG_4286 IMG_4287 IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4295

The coffee cups are too damn tiny and they are so busy you’re better off bringing your own.
3 stars

Pretty spartan interior but they carry the “Gravy” theme throughout by lining the walls with colorful gravy boats.
3 stars

Tons of food and a large variety to choose from.
3 stars


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