Three Degrees – 8/18/13


Three Degrees
1510 SW Harbor Way
Portland, 97201

IMG_5847 IMG_5849

Not bad for a hotel restaurant

We had walked along the waterfront a few weeks prior and passed Three Degrees which is the restaurant at the Kimpton Hotel downtown. Their location is their main attraction since they have an outside patio overlooking the marina. We wandered into the spacious interior and were awkwardly greeted by a giddy young woman who we were not even sure worked there at first. She showed us to the outdoor patio and sat us at one of the small tables for two. We ended up,moving over to a taller table not in direct sunlight and waited for our waitress to come take our order. The brunch menu contained only about 12 items total but the instant I saw the chorizo omelette stuffed with fried potatoes I knew it would be my selection while Carly opted for a burger & fries. We sipped our coffee & tea and people watched for the next 15 minutes while waiting for our orders to arrive. There were only a few people on the patio so it was pretty quiet and we could hear the sound of the seagulls and the slap of the wake against the hulls of the boats down below, and before long our meals showed up. I’m not normally a fan of omelets since there is usually so much egg it gets boring quickly but the addition of a chorizo gravy on top mixed with the grilled vegetables within made this a delicious decision. Carly’s burger also was quite a bit better than average and the fries were even tastier than I would have expected. My potato side was also crispy and enjoyable and I didn’t even want to use any ketchup since the flavor was better than that of a naked spud. It ended up being a surprisingly enjoyable destination and while not as “hipster” as most of the past locations it was a solid brunch with good flavors.



Attentive but not always easy to get more coffee
3 stars

Beautiful Portland water front right in front of the elevated patio
4 stars

Surprisingly decent omelet that didn’t over stuff and had a nice chorizo gravy on top.
4 stars


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