Stepping Stone Cafe – 1/20/13

3 stars

Stepping Stone Cafe
2390 Northwest Quimby Street
Portland, OR 97210

Banana Nut French Toast

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs

You eat here because we let you

I had heard of the Stepping Stone quite awhile ago I think on the Food Channel and it always stuck in the back of my mind as a place to visit. The time finally came to hunt it down and try out the chicken fried steak I had heard about. I ordered that & two poached eggs with potatoes and swapped the toast for a giant home made biscuit while Carly chose the banana nut French toast with a plate of sausages. It had taken almost 40 mins to get a seat even though there were only 4 other groups ahead of us, I hoped this spoke well of the restaurant as a whole. Our breakfast arrived pretty quickly taking only about 8 minutes and I was eager to plow into some delicious home made biscuits n gravy. While It was certainly a better meal than you’d get at a Denny’s it really didn’t have any of the “special quality” to stand it apart from the rest. Carly’s banana nut French toast was literally that, slices of banana nut bread coated in egg and pan fried with extra nuts. I thought it was quite tasty but she had hoped it would be crispy and maybe a bit fluffier (something quite difficult with a dense nut bread) the sausages were tasty but really nothing more than the norm. My biscuit was decent but a bit “yeasty” and doughy rather than light and fluffy.


We're next! Streetfront Scolded Surroundings Wrap Around Breakfast Bar Lunch Waiting for brunch

Our meal came quite quick but they were super busy so we barely made eye contact with our hosts.
2.5 stars

Snarky & in need of a good scrubbing but I think that’s part of its overall charm.
2.5 stars

It’s hard to go wrong with fried chicken covered in gravy but I have had better.
3 stars


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