Elmer’s – 6/9/13


1250 NW Waterhouse
Beaverton, 97006


My mom was in town again to hear some Jazz music with friends so the following morning was a little rough on her senses. She wanted to get back to the beach before it got too late so we decided a local favorite that we’d visited many times would be Sundays brunch spot. There is almost always a line and a wait and today was no exception, Carly put our names in and we walked back outside to soak up some sunshine. If you’ve never been to an Elmer’s you might want to compare it to a Denny’s from the outside appearance alone but I’d say Village Inn would be inline. We were seated pretty quickly considering the god squads that had just shown up from all the local houses of worship letting out after salvation was achieved. The waitresses were just clearing off a large table and separating it back into 4 individual ones in the room where we were seated and a woman with two rowdy kids had just gotten up to leave as well so it was suddenly quite as we sat down. The waitress handed us the thick plastic coated menus filled wi th bright colors of meals that were mostly topped with whipped cream and fruit but I knew from experiences to steer past the eye candy and go for the skillet selections which have always satisfied th e “Country Comfort” this time around, Carly opted for Oatmeal and sausages while mom picked a Benedict I believe (I was still a bit groggy). Our meals arrived just a few minutes after our coffees and juices, surprisingly quick considering how packed the place was. My skillet was just as tasty as I had hoped it to be but I did kinda miss not having more chicken fried steak with it, Carly and my mom both appeared to like their meals as not much more than a few crumbs remained. All in all a delicious breakfast even if it wasn’t as adventurous as many of the past outings.



Always busy but very efficient service that has rarely made mistakes
3.5 stars

Feels the same inside as when I used to go with my parents back in the early 90’s, welcoming and comfortable
3 stars

Reliably tasty selections but rarely have I gone for anything other than breakfast
3.5 stars


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