Bette’s Place – 3/24/13


Bette’s Place
416 Oak Street
Hood River, 97031

IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4598

The place for breakfast while in da Hood

We were out of town for this past weekend to enjoy spring break and while visiting Stevenson Washington we took a 30 minutes trip east to Hood for some shopping as well as brunch with Bette. Now this is a bit of a cheat since we have had breakfast at Bette’s before but we agreed it would be unlikely for us to return in a timely manner and that we would sacrifice a return within our 52 week timeline for our initial breakfast blog run. This would also be the first time I didn’t get their delicious Chicken Fried Steak and eggs which is among the best I’ve had and instead opted for a more traditional steak & eggs combo. Carly of course chose French toast with some excellently crispy bacon drizzled with syrup. Before the meal arrived we were presented with a golden brown rectangle of mapley goodness that had just been baked up moment before our arrival. I enjoy a good donut but usually would prefer to take the caloric hit on something like gravy or a biscuit but Jesus Christ in a chicken basket was this a good maple bar! We tried to share equally but by the end I had definitely forked off more than her of the “appetizer”. Our meals arrived only a few moments after the maple feeding frenzy had subsided and we dug in. I haven’t ordered too many non chick-fried steaks usually because my experience has been underwhelming and I think it comes from the quality of meat more than the quality of preparation. The steak was tender enough and not over cooked but it really was just kind of bland even when paired with the perfectly cooked eggs and super crispy hash browns. I was absolutely full but I knew I should have stayed on the safe side and gotten the chicken-fried steak which has rarely steered me wrong. Carly’s french toasts tasted great but looked more like triangular pancakes she let me steal half a piece of bacon which almost made up for the lack luster steak. In closing we and apparently 99.9% of Hood River residents love Bette’s as it’s the only place ever recommended when we ask but steer clear of the non-chicken-fried steak and double down on the heavenly maple bars! Also be aware they have cinnamon rolls the size of your head which I have been to frightened to try but perhaps next time will make a meal out of.


IMG_4594 IMG_4595 IMG_4599 IMG_4600

5 lovely young ladies zip from side to side like hummingbirds delivering plates as fast as they are produced.
4 stars

Traditional cafe with a breakfast bar & stools right on the corner of Oak & 5th nothing special but the food.
3 stars

Traditional Cafe fare and amazingly large and tasty baked goods like cinnamon rolls & maple bars.
3 stars


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