Raven & Rose – 7/14/13


Raven & Rose
1331 SW Broadway
Portland, 97201

IMG_5407 IMG_5410 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416

Inside the Ladd Carriage house…

I had read another writeup on the Raven and Rose online and was excited to find a location that had only been around for a few months since bragging rights amongst our friends for discovering a new brunch spot are the ultimate goal with these outings. So rarely have we been able to say “have you been to?” knowing full well that the person we are asking couldn’t have possibly been since it only opened recently. Carly’s mom Nancy was in town this week so she was able to travel with us to the refurbished Ladd Carriage house which is now known as the Raven & Rose located just next to a church on Broadway in the middle of downtown. We pulled up parked in front and were seated at a table all inside of 45 seconds a new record and the restaurant was pretty busy with probably about half the tables filled and the bat had some decent traffic at it as well. I immediately took note of the cool gas lights over the three tables at the front which are across from the elevator they were using to hold baby carriages. It looked like quite alot of thought had gone into almost every aspect of the restaurant from the nicely designed menus to the tile work around the table legs it certainly didn’t feel like it had only been open for the 7 months the waiter told us. The menu held quite a few exotic sounding meals and beverages on it but as I’ve become accustomed to I just let the waiter pick what I should order with him recommending a special of flank steak and eggs with fresh chilled cherry tomatoes served over grits. Carly picked potatoes, bacon, biscuits and their muffin donuts while Nancy went for the French toast that Carly would have normally selected.

Apparently they have quite a nice bar upstairs as well but it was closed on the weekends for special events so a return visit with more out of town guests will involve a visit there. The muffin donuts showed up within a few minutes and were still toasts warm, they basically are fresh donuts in the shape of a muffin with brown sugar dusting them. Our meals arrived a few minutes after the donuts and all had quite nice presentation with mine really having the best color contrast. I was wary of the bed of grits it came served on since I’ve still never experienced grits and thought I must add those to my meal but the flank steak and eggs helped make them a little more palatable. The potatoes Carly ordered were among the best I’ve ever tried and they appeared to barely have any seasoning on them but the crunch along with the saltiness really made them pop. I even stole some of Nancy’s French toast which was nice and crispy and not over sweet.


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Professional and polite with great suggestions for meals
3.5 stars

Inside the refurbished Ladd Carriage house complete with gas lights over the tables and decorative tile throughout.
4 stars

It was served on top of grits which didn’t carry much flavor but very pretty presentations.
3.5 stars


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