Saint Honore – 10/5/13


St. Honore
315 1St. St
Lake Oswego, 97034

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Street side Cafe in Lake Oswego

My sister was in town again for a friends wedding and she was hanging out in Tigard so we decided to hit up a French style cafe in the heart of Lake Oswego. It wasn’t hard to find at all and there was a farmers market taking place so even with all the foot traffic there was only a 5 minute wait to place the order and what an order it was. With my mom & sister as well as baby niece and Carly it was a ton of food filling up our tiny circular table. Before any of the meal items were delivered I snagged a bag of little lightly sugared croquette donuts for us to enjoy with our coffees. I got up for just a moment to get some cream and sugar for our Americanos and upon return out breakfast items had already been delivered, unfortunately I had to go back in twice for two different items that somehow were left off our order. But once that was settled I sat down and began digging into my cheesy turkey & bacon croissant as well as the cup of pea and ham soup. It’s hard to mess up a croissant covered in cheese and stuffed with meat and if you goto a bakery you expect exactly what I received which was a perfectly crispy, buttery, flakey experience. The pea soup on the other hand was only so/so and while tasty just didn’t have the thickness I was hoping for, still it made a wonderful compliment to the baked goods. There was even a nice little salad served with the croissant that was a great balance to the savory salty sandwich.


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Order at the counter and they will bring it out to you
3 stars

Nice restaurant design and a cool cafe seating style outside
3 stars

Anything and everything you could ever want to order and eat is available from a simple yellow menu
3 stars