The Meating Place – 11/17/13


The Meating Place
6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road
Hillsboro, 97124

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Awesome Butcher Shop, so/so breakfast joint

We didn’t venture far form home partially because we had a Comcast appointment and partially because a local butcher shop that we are quite fond of had finally opened their cafe and began serving breakfast. Just off Cornelius Pass and north of Highway 26 on a corner in a strip mall sits “The Meating Place” and next door to their butcher shop is a small 4 table cafe with an open kitchen. Upon walking in we were greeted with a haze of blueish smoke that was pungent with smoked meat, it certainly smelled like we were in for a treat. The place is still very much “under construction” and didn’t even have proper menu signage, just a couple of letter sized sheets of paper, one with 4 breakfast specials the contained about 12 items for lunch. I dint mind a simple menu but they could have still had a larger display to show off what little they did have. When I first saw the words Chorizo Sausage gravy I was really hopeful but my meal ended up being a thick tasteless paste and even some well cooked potatoes and eggs could not compensate for the “glop”. I also had a cup of chili which tasted as though a bottle of ketchup had simple had some leftover vegetables and beef mixed in with it. Perhaps their offerings will improve in the future but for not I think I’ll stick with their amazing burgers and steer clear of any thing labeled “breakfast”.


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Cheerful kitchen staff even if there are only 3 of them and 6 of us.
3 stars

Still under construction but the start of a decent little place.
3 stars

Had high hopes but the gravy was just too pasty and bland.
3 stars


Venetian – 12/16/12

3 stars

Venetian Theatre & Bistro
253 E. Main Street Hillsboro,

Oregon 97123

Chipotle Fettucini Chicken Salad Sandwhich

Warm & Inviting with high ceilings

We had planned brunch with a couple friends but Carly was feeling under the weather so after a trip to the health clinic we headed to downtown Hillsboro for an early lunch since it was near her work. A few years back we had visited The Venetian which is a combination restaurant & theater and decided it would be a safe bet. Carly ordered the chicken salad sand which with a cup of chicken pot pie soup, I had the chipotle sausage fettuccini also with a cup of the daily soup.

It took awhile for the meal to arrive but there was quite a large seating behind us of some rather demanding older guests.
3.5 stars

It’s in the lobby of an old theater so it’s a bit drafty but quite historic at the same time.
3 stars

Better than the average pasta dish but the garlic knots could have been a little softer.
3 stars