Orenco Station Grill – 9/16/13


Orenco Station Grill
6195 NE Cornell Rd.
Hillsboro, 97124

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Hillsboro Brunch Spot

I had trotted by the Orenco grille and seen they had begun offering brunch so I made a mental note to revisit next time we were feeling too sluggish to venture out of our borough. We showed up not long after they opened and there were already a half dozen people sitting down. We took a both on the far side but up front and began looking over the combo brunch/lunch menu. We were greeted by a friendly but apparently sleepy waitress who was probably not thrilled with having to come to work on Sunday when they were only open from 10-2pm but she was helpful with making some brunch selections. I elected to order the frittata mainly because I couldn’t remember ever having one before and Carly chose a Philly cheesesteak off the backside lunch menu. I also got a sweet frothy Latte to start that came in a tall narrow glass. Our meals came out in a normal amount of time, but bit by bit, meaning that I got my rye toast and then 2 minutes later a plate of potatoes and then finally our entrees. Carly’s sandwich certainly looked more substantive than my crustless quiche but after a bite I realized it was more bread than meat by far and really wasn’t as tasty as it looked but I was satisfied with my frittata that was mixed with mushrooms and spinach and the potatoes were perfectly seasoned and crispy. I never saw more than 4 or 5 tables filled while we were there but perhaps they just hadn’t gotten out the word they were now open for limited hours on Sunday. It’s a convenient location with reliable menu that has yet to disappoint.


IMG_6113 IMG_6106 Nick Cage

Friendly but not “feelin it”
3 stars

Traditional pub interior with comfortable booths and a english style appearance
3.5 stars

Decent selection for both brunch & dinner
3 stars

Venetian – 12/16/12

3 stars

Venetian Theatre & Bistro
253 E. Main Street Hillsboro,

Oregon 97123

Chipotle Fettucini Chicken Salad Sandwhich

Warm & Inviting with high ceilings

We had planned brunch with a couple friends but Carly was feeling under the weather so after a trip to the health clinic we headed to downtown Hillsboro for an early lunch since it was near her work. A few years back we had visited The Venetian which is a combination restaurant & theater and decided it would be a safe bet. Carly ordered the chicken salad sand which with a cup of chicken pot pie soup, I had the chipotle sausage fettuccini also with a cup of the daily soup.

It took awhile for the meal to arrive but there was quite a large seating behind us of some rather demanding older guests.
3.5 stars

It’s in the lobby of an old theater so it’s a bit drafty but quite historic at the same time.
3 stars

Better than the average pasta dish but the garlic knots could have been a little softer.
3 stars